Please make your bookings well in advance (ideal in 4-6 weeks) of your desired time and date. Upon collection of your dog please rebook.

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Pet Gender
Female dogs go through an oestrous cycle (we can't book your dog in during the female circle):
Please double check their oestrous cycle before you make a booking, unfortunately we charge full amount of your furry friend’s treatment for an appointment if we discover that the dog is in heat at the start of the treatment but we will have to cancel and reschedule for a later time. You will be charged for the treatment so please check in advance they are not in their cycle.
Is your dog on an effective method of parasite prevention?
Please note €30 is added on where fleas are found on your dog. This is to cover the necessary fumigation as parasites are highly contagious to other dogs in our care
For health and safety reasons we may not be able to cater for your dog where for any reason they become highly stressed or display difficult behaviour or aggression. If we feel the behaviour is manageable and we can continue with the groom extra costs will be applied due to the extra time needed. If we find your dog is not settling or their behaviour poses a risk to our and/ or their safety we will contact you to collect your dog as soon as possible.
Please note, we may not be able to brush the matting out where it is severe and causes pain. Some dogs with matting present will have to be clipped extremely short where matting is severe. How short your dog will need to be clipped will depend on how close the matting is to the skin. Extra costs will apply due to the extra time needed. We base our pricing on the complexity of the groom and how long it takes.
What type of groom/ haircut for your dog do you desire?
If your dog is short haired or does not require any clipping or scissoring please click N/A. Please note, factors such as the condition of your dogs coat, their age, their health, their behaviour will determine what is possible.
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We require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling. Do you agree to this?
Communication is preferred in writing by email or text and confirmed by phone call to avoid any misunderstanding. Where not enough notice has been given, your missed appointment will need to be paid for and a deposit is required for a future booking. Where payment in full is not made for a missed appointment, all future appointments that you may have will automatically be cancelled.
Agree to use your furry friend’s photos on our social media?

Late Cancellation & No Show Policy
*We have a 24 hours cancellation or reschedule prior to the appointment day. Please phone to cancel or reschedule.( PHONE CALL ONLY NO TEXT)
*If you fail to contact us with 24 hours notice then you will be charged half the total cost of the cancelled appointment.
*NO SHOW – you will be charged for the missed appointment (FULL AMOUNT OF YOUR FURRY FRIEND’S TREATMENT)  and a 50% deposit is required for any new appointment to ensure a future appointment that you may have already made. Non-payment of the fees will result in cancellation of all future appointments.
*Non-payment of fees with last minute cancellations will result in automatic cancellation of future grooming sessions. This is a new business so ALL appointments are treasured. No shows or last minute cancellations/ rescheduling can really have a negative impact so please understand the need for our policies. We really appreciate your custom and will strive to retain it.

*Be on time – If you think you are going to be 15 minutes late or more, please contact us to let us know. Anyone who is more than 15 minutes late for their appointment without letting us know (with a reasonable explanation) will have their appointment cancelled and will be charged 100% of the appointment cost and marked as a no show. Any future appointments can be cancelled at managers discretion. You will not be offered future appointments where your missed appointment has not been paid for along with a deposit for your future appointment.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.